Welcome to the official site for the HMAS Arunta Association.


The Association is dedicated to honouring the memory, spirit and endeavours of all who have served in Arunta 1942 – 1954 as well as 1998 to present.    We embrace the family not just the individual and we warmly invite all crew, family and friends to join the Association.   Conquer or Die

The Association was formed by ex crew members of HMAS Arunta 1 in 1945 and has continued with a dedicated membership to the present day.    The primary goal of the Association has been to maintain the strong ties of mateship that developed amongst the crew of Arunta during World War II and until decommissioning and which continues today amongst the crew of the current Arunta.   Along with preserving and promoting those ties the Association has also developed and maintained an ethos of involving and embracing the families of shipmates.   The Association and it’s Committee are located in Melbourne, Australia.

Arunta 1

The first HMAS Arunta was a Tribal Class Destroyer that saw active service in some of the most difficult battles in World War II. Specifications sheet and brief history here.

Arunta 2

In 1998 the second ship to bear the name Arunta was commissioned.   HMAS Arunta is an ANZAC class ship and is currently an important part of the Australian Naval Fleet. Specifications sheet and some history on the Arrente people here.

Conquer Or Die